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AC/DC Interference Prediction and Mitigation Design

By using advanced numerical simulation software, maximum and average interference can be predicted and assessed for newly-built pipelines, electricity facilities and finished projects. Accordingly, mitigation and optimizing designs can be conducted, and protection effect can be predicted. The service life of the mitigation measures can also be assessed based on the results of simulation and relevant researches. 

  • o Software simulated pipeline interference and its mitigation effect
  • o Customized Service of AC/DC Interference risk assessment


  • Prediction and Mitigation Design of Interference from AC Transmission System to Underground Pipeline
    Parameters can be gathered from power transmission systems, pipeline systems and the environment, and possible interference to pipelines can be calculated, predicted and assessed by numerical simulation. When the predicted or measured results indicate the existence of apparent interference, the data simulation method can be utilized for mitigation design and predictions.
  • Prediction and Mitigation Design for Interference of High Voltage DC Transportation System to Buried Pipelines
    By using the numerical simulation technology, the extent of interference from HV transportation systems to buried pipelines can be predicted, safety distance can be assessed and guidance for location selection of DC electrodes and pipeline circuits can be provided. Mitigation and effect prediction can be conducted for existing interference of pipelines.
  • Mitigation Design for Interference of Electro-railways to Buried Pipelines
    AC electro-railways, i.e. high-speed rails, will produce dynamic AC interference to pipelines. The interference might be affected by factors like locations of railways, pipelines and the train in operation. By using the numerical simulation technology, we can make predictions for the interference in new-built or existing electro-railways and pipeline systems and provide mitigation design solutions on such bases.
  • Prediction and Mitigation Design for Interference of Metro Systems to Buried Pipelines
    City metros usually utilize DC power supply systems, and use rails as loop lines. Impacted by environmental and operational factors, the resistance between rails and earth drops and part of the currents enter the earth, thus generate dynamic stray DC current interference to nearby pipelines. By using numerical simulation technology, the extent of interference of pipelines can be predicted and current inflow and outflow spots can be located on pipelines. Risk points of DC interference can be defined and mitigation design be made, thus to ensure the safety for pipelines.
  • Prediction and Mitigation Design for Interference of Power Cables to Buried Pipelines
    When pipelines and power cables are closed and parallel in a long distance, interference might occur. By using numerical simulation technology and building equivalent simulation models for conductors, casings, amours, and other structures, precise prediction can be conducted for interference between power cables and pipelines, and mitigation plan can be designed or optimized.
Technical Team
  • o    3 Professors/Associate Professors, 4 Doctors, and several Masters and Bachelors, experienced in CP and AC/DC interference testing, assessment, design and research;
  • o    NACE CP Certificate holders, including 3 CP4s, 2 CP3s, 2 CP2s; CP Interference, PCIM
  • o    China Anticorrosion Design Qualification Certificate 
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