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Risk Evaluation and Mechanics Assessment

Risk Evaluation is an important part of the pipeline corrosion management ring. By identifying the risk factors in oil & gas pipeline operations, the technique is to conduct assessment based on data materials, operation experiences and scientific methods, and thus to quantify the risks in order to easily analyze and compare them. Risk evaluation can provide basis for better decision making, management and risk control.



  • Sulphur Gas Field Corrosion Monitoring System
    SRI can provide analysis of corrosion monitoring data, processing parameter data, maintenance data and offline analysis data, etc., for gathering pipelines and purification systems. It can also provide compare services for different monitoring methods, and analysis of corrosion monitoring data relevance.
  • Station and Pipeline Corrosion Assessment System
    Based on the corrosion risk half-quantified assessment principals, and combined with multiple models including risk checklist method, the Kent Grading method, Risk Matrix method, etc., SRI can provide corrosion risk alarm system for each sub-unit in well stations and gathering stations, and compare the risks between different stations.
  • Oil & Gas Process Pipeline Corrosion Risk Loop Optimizing Management
    SRI can provide process parameter and corrosion data collection and corrosion risk loop management services, to deal with the problem of corrosion risk in onshore and offshore oil and gas process pipelines. By assessing the corrosion condition of different corrosion spots, maintenance priority levels of different positions can be determined, and optimizing suggestions can be offered in order to improve the effect of monitoring system, positioning, probe selection and inhibitor position distribution, etc.
  • Oil & Gas Field Gathering System Corrosion Risk Assessment
    SRI can assist proprietors to construct a full set of data system and collection methodology, based on the corrosion risk condition of oil and gas field gathering pipelines. By analyzing failure cases, applicable corrosion assessment models for high risk positions can be built and large quantities of practical assessment work can be conducted.
Technical Team

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o    10+ PhDs and Masters 

o    10 NACE PCIMs

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