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Technical Service


    Engineering Mechanics Research and Evaluation Center

    Engineering Mechanics Research and Evaluation Center, SRI focuses on the R & D and application of mechanics evaluation technologies for different kinds of engineering structures. The center endeavors to satisfy the demands of equipment safety evaluation and life prediction of all industrial sectors. Services include load capacity analysis and examination for pipelines and structures, defect pipeline residual strength analysis and prediction, structure fatigue and fracture analysis, vibration analysis, and researches on pipeline stress and geological disaster monitoring, etc. 

Core Technology
  • Mechanical Analysis and Evaluation for Transportation Pipelines
      For transportation pipelines under all kinds of mechanical risks, the center can exam the load capacity under different kinds of load, analyze the residual strength of defected pipelines, study fatigue and fracture behavior ......
  • Mechanical Analysis and Evaluation for Oil Casing Tubes
      The mechanical analysis and evaluation for oil pipe strings like casing tubes mainly focuses on loads such as internal and external pressure, bending, and twisting, etc. Through theoretical analysis and computing simulation......
  • Mechanical Analysis and Evaluation for Structures and Facilities
      For all kinds of engineering structures, equipment and facilities, the center has full capability of mechanical analysis and evaluation, and can provide both on-site investigation and inspection, and laboratory analysis and......
Project Performance

Project Source

Project Name


Defect Experimental Evaluation Study for Beach Area Subsea Pipeline


Safety Allowance Evaluation and Smart Alarm Module Development for High Sulphurated Gas Field Gathering Pipeline


Slope Stability and Pipeline Safety Evaluation


Residual Life Assessment for Oil Casing Tube


Failure Study of Scrap Anchor Chain and Cables for a FPSO Single Anchor System


Research on Subsea Pipeline Safety Assessment Technology


Oil to Gas Applicability Safety Evaluation for a Pipeline

Jiangxi Gas

Gas Pipeline Safety Evaluation


Two-point Reinforcement Technique Study for a Pipeline


Full Pipeline Integrity Evaluation

Beijing Gas

Buried Gas Pipeline Safety Statues Assessment


Pipeline Clippers Epoxy Injection Reinforcement-Mechanical Performance Test and Explosion Experiment


External Oil Transportation Pipeline Defect Inspection and Integrity Evaluation Research Report for an Oil Field

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