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Oil & Gas Field On-Site Integrity Management Technical Service

SRI can provide specially tailored on-site corrosion integrity management service for different oil and gas facility functions, in accordance with relevant standards and practices. Services include: data collection, organizing and analysis, identification of threats and assessment of risks, integrity management plan making, service condition inspection, maintenance measures and advices, integrity management performance quantification, etc. This service can help proprietors to build up a whole set of integrity management work frame and to effectively control the risks in facility operation.

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platform Facility Integrity Management
    To ensure the safe operation of offshore oil field platforms and pipelines, SRI provides integrity management services including: on-site investigation and platform data collection, comprehensive assessment for existing corrosion conditions, safety risks, corrosion monitoring and inspecting techniques and corrosion control methods, identification of priority management areas, recommendation of integrity management methods and procedures, and establishment of corrosion integrity management manual.
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Field Pipeline Integrity Management System Construction
    Targeted on the corrosion problems facing large oil fields, SRI offers data collection and standardization, pipeline corrosion risk identification and assessment, buried pipeline external corrosion inspection and assessment, pipeline internal corrosion direct assessment, inspection and monitoring, pipeline material applicability evaluation, inhibitor effect evaluation, coating evaluation, corrosion integrity management frame design, etc., which helps to establish effect work system of integrity management and thus to control the corrosion risks and ensure the safety and efficiency of oil field production.
  • Domestic and Overseas Oil & Gas Field On-site Integrity Technical Service
    SRI can send profession engineer team on-site in oil and gas fields and provide on-site inspection and assessment. Working scope covers downhole string corrosion assessment, ground pipeline and facility corrosion management, on-site corrosion problem investigation and analysis, and corrosion control process optimizing design, etc. This service can offer solid protection for the operation of integrity management working systems.
Technical Team

o    3 Professors

o    6 Senior Engineers

o    10 Engineers

o    10+ PhDs and Masters

o    10 NACE PCIMs

o    6 NACE DAs

o    2nd Place of CSCP Technical Progress Award

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