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Failure analysis techniques

The failures of engineering materials in the process of service directly threaten the safety of production, often in the form of corrosion and fracture. Scientific and reasonable failure analysis work is an important way to prevent major accidents and improve the safety level of engineering materials and structures. SRI has a professional team of experts, software and hardware expertise, and long-term practical experience, and SRI can handle corrosion and fracture failure analysis in areas of oil and gas pipelines and facilities, oil and gas down-hole string and ground and subsea pipelines, refineries and chemical plants, energy and power facilities, Infrastructure, marine vessels and platform systems and so on.


With full-size lifting and cutting equipment, CNC machine tools, endoscopic equipment, corrosion and fracture inspection equipment, all kinds of microscopes, three-dimensional shape instrument, thickness, etc., can also be microscopic observation of scanning electron microscopy, corrosion products composition XRD test , With hardness, tensile, impact, fatigue, slow tensile test equipment and high temperature and high pressure corrosion environment simulation capabilities, and has a large number of high temperature and pressure CO2 / H2S reactor, high temperature and high voltage electrochemical devices, corrosion flow loop and other large equipment , All-round support failure analysis work.

  • Corrosion failure analysis of oil and gas pipelines
    SRI has undertaken a number of internal and external corrosion of oil and gas pipeline failure case analysis of the work. Including onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines and internal and external corrosion causes analysis of process facilities, coating failure, corrosion inhibitor failure, complex areas of cathodic protection failure research and analysis.
  • Failure analysis of Marine ships and Mooring and Anchor Cable Systems
    SRI can undertake the failure analysis of large-scale ships, FPSOs, marine mooring systems, (FPSO), marine mooring systems, chain and cable systems, cable and umbilical cable systems. The damage mechanism and failure mechanism can be determined by detailed testing, analysis of failure mechanism, mechanical damage, stress fracture, fatigue, degradation of material properties, wear and so on.
  • Failure analysis of large industrial processing plants and equipment
    SRI can carry out corrosion and crack failure analysis for large-scale equipment containers such as heating furnace, oil-gas-water three phase separator, storage tank and atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit which are used extensively in the oil and gas industry, refinery and chemical industry. Through site survey, material and technology, Medium environment and protection design parameters of the analysis, combined with physical testing, corrosion simulation test, from a number of angles on the container type of equipment failure assessment.
  • Corrosion and Fracture Failure Analysis of Tubes in Oil and Gas Industry
    SRI can analyze the failure of oilfield ground and underground pipeline corrosion, including the process pipeline inner coating system, bimetallic compound pipe, oil well tubular oil casing and drill pipe. It involves on-site process and operation measures, material and organization, Collapse deformation and other damage, corrosion perforation and corrosion pits, crack morphology and origin and so on. A lot of analysis work has been done on the cracking failure of buried pipe. The key reason of elbow cracking were clarified from the aspects of basic data acquisition, material and mechanical property test, fracture analysis and so on, from different angles such as crack origin and crack propagation.
Technical Team
  • A team of faculty advisors with decades of experience in related fields
  • a number of cross-professional senior technical experts
  • A group of technicians with a master's degree and doctoral degree
  • Undertake dozens of major failure analysis projects, has accumulated rich experience
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